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Financial and playing strategies

To be successful in betting you must be disciplined and experienced in various financial strategies. Here we propose the most widespread playing strategies. You should not use only one of them; the best way is to learn about the advantages of each of them.

Financial strategies

Flat Flat is the simplest strategy. This means that the rate is fixed and permanent for a long time.
The simplest way is often the most profitable. In such case the statistics shows the quality of your bets – the sum you lose or win. Using a flat strategy, you can also find some extra funds to bet on sporting events without any strategy.


Percent is one the simplest and effective strategies. According to it, you assess the sum you are able to bet and then you bet a fixed percent of the remaining sum.


You have $100. Your first bet will be $25. If you lose, the rest is $75, and the following bet will be 25% of $75, that is $18.75.

You can also distribute the whole sum among various types of betting.

You can bet 5% to expresses, 15% to bankers and so on. The only advice is to not bet more than 25% of the whole sum, as in the case of loss the rate could descend to the least allowable bet.

Fixed profit

In this strategy you fix the sum of your profit from each rate. The sum of your rate differs depending on the coefficient and is calculated as follows:

The sum of expected profit/coefficient
coefficient – 1

If the coefficient is 2.0, the rate is equal to the sum of expected profit.


You can divide your bets according to their reliability and assign a fixed value of expecter profit to each degree of reliability. The higher is this value , the higher is the expected success.

Playing strategies

Surebets is a set of bets on a sporting event which guarantees profit regardless of result.

There are three main strategies:

- Bet on the favourite

- Bet on the best result

- Bet on the less stable bookmaker

In the first case, if you cannot bet on two events, the best way is to bet on the favourite. This type of rate is safe and should be chosen when the coefficient is not far from the standard proposed by the majority of bookmakers.

In the second case, you should get it when one of the coefficients is far from the standard. For example, 2.5 when other bookmakers propose 2.0

The third strategy is for experienced players who understand the advantages and shortcomings of various bookmakers.

Chase is one of the most popular strategies, when you bet, increasing the sum in the case of loss, on the same sporting event until finally you win.

Valuebet is the type of bet on a person or team who/which is better than his/its opponent, though a bookmaker without any reasons overrates his/its coefficient.

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