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Asian handicap — a special bet by which a person/team, who/which is thought to be weaker, starts the game with some handicap to equalize chances to win.

Arbitrage see surebets.

All Weather Track — influence of weather conditions on sporting events.

American change is marked with “+” or “–“. +200 means that with a bet of 100$ you can win 200$.

Ante post — bets on the final result done before a tournament started.

Angles — use of the sporting information to forecast a result of the match.


Backed — a situation when a coefficient is reduced in respect of results.

Bank — a sum which a player intends to bet on sporting events.

Bankers — bets which are considered to be reliable, usually with a low coefficient.

Buck — a bet of more than 100$.

Bismark — a sum which a player looses betting on some events. The basis of bookmaker’s income.

Bet is the wagering of money on a sporting event.

Beard — a person who bets on some events remaining unknown to other players.

Bookmaker — an organization or a person that takes bets on sporting and other events at agreed-upon odds. Also known as “book”.

Bottle — 2/1.


Coefficient — a value proposed by a bookmaker on some sporting event. It is used to calculate a player’s win.

Chase is one of the most popular strategies, when you bet, increasing a sum in the case of loss, on the same sporting event until finally you win.


Deposit — a sum on your betting account.

Death match — a situation when at least two of participants could be at the same position. In that case a bet is divided into 2 (or more) parts. Also known as “ex aequo”.

Dog — a person/team who/which is not considered a favourite.

Draw No Bet — a type of the Asian handicap. In the case of draw you get your bet back.


Express — a multiple bet by which it is possible to unite various forecasts. A necessary condition to win is the exact forecast of all results.

A bet of $100 on three events at 1.50, 1.80 and 2.50.
A possible win is calculated the following way: 1,50x1,80x2,50x100 = $675.

Evens — a coefficient by which a win is equal to a bet.

Exact result — a type of bet on the exact result of a match.

Each way — one of the most complex bets, consisting of two rates. The first is on a winner, the second – on a final place of the team.

Bayern Munich – Champion of the Bundesliga; Type – Yes; Coefficient – 2.50.
Bayern Munich – Place 1-3; Type – Yes; Coefficient – 1.50.
If your bet is 100$, in fact you are doing two bets, each of $100:
Bayern will win the Bundesliga at 2.50.
Bayern will be between 1st and 3rd places at 1.50.
Your final expense will be $200 rather than $100,.


Favourite — a person/team who/which seems to be stronger than his/its opponent.


Goalscorer — a bet on the number of shots on goal.

Goliath, also known as a “big bet”, consists of 247 bets among 8 sections: 28 double, 56 triple, 28 sextuple, 8 septuple and 1 octuple. To succeed you should win at least in 2 sections.

Greenbook — a situation when regardless of the result you get a profit or do not lose your money.


Handicap — an advantage of one participant of a tournament in comparison with another.


Lay — an opposition to the back bet. It means that a team will not win.

Livescore — sporting websites with online results.

Line — a set of betting events with coefficients proposed by a bookmaker.


Maximal/minimal bet — a higher/lower limit of the bet proposed by a bookmaker.


Non Runner — a participant of a tournament who by some reasons did not take part of the event.


Over — a type of bet which means an excess of the fixed value of goals, fouls, shots and so on.


Surebets — a set of bets on a sporting event which guarantees profit regardless of result.


Total — a bet on the number of goals.


Valuebet is the type of bet on a person or team who/which is better than his/its opponent, though a bookmaker without any reasons overrates his/its coefficient.

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