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Types of bets

Ordinary bet is a bet on a single result of the game. The win is calculated by the multiplication of the bet to a coefficient.


Arsenal - Chelsea: the win 1 – 2.10 - $100.
This means that you bet $100 on the first team (Arsenal) with the coefficient 2.10. In the case of Arsenal’s win you receve $210, the profit will be $210 – $100 = $110.

Express – a multiple bet by which it is possible to unite various forecasts. A necessary condition to win is the exact forecast of all results.

Express is the bet on several events. The win is calculated through the multiplication of all results by all coefficients.


Arsenal – Chelsea: win 1 – 2.10 - $100.
Man United – Liverpool: win 1 – 2.10 - $100.
Everton – Reading: win 1 – 1.65.
The total coefficient is 9.8752.
This means a bet of $100 on Arsenal, Man United and Everton. If one of the results is not forecast correctly, you lose all money, but if you are successful, your profit is $987.52.

System is a combination of express bets. Depending on the type of system bet, you can win even without forecast of all results as is usually done with express bets.


1. The system consists of 3 or 4 events, i. e. results of 3 or 4 matches. It is almost impossible to predict all results correctly, so you can find a system of 3 double bets. This means that in the case of loss of one of your three bets you can break even or have a little profit. If you are not able to predict more than one result, you lose all bets.

2. The system of 4 events consists of 4 triple expresses or 6 double expresses, or a combination of double and triple expresses.

Handicap – an advantage of one participant of a tournament in comparison with another.

Handicap, proposed for one of the participants, is added to the result shown in a tournament. If the sum is in favour of your participant, you win. If there is a draw, a coefficient of your win is 1.


Arsenal – Chelsea: Arsenal (+1) 2.00 $100.
This means that you believe that Arsenal will not lose or will not lose with a handicap of more than 1 goal. If the Gunners win or there is a draw, you win $200, otherwise the bookmaker returns your money. If the Blues win with a handicap of 2 or more goals, you lose.

Time-match is a bet on the result of both the game’s first half and the whole game.


Arsenal – Chelsea: the draw, the win 1 – 5.75 - $100.
This means that you bet $100 on the draw after the first half and on Arsenal in the whole match. In any other case you lose your bet.

Total – a bet on the number of goals.


Arsenal – Chelsea: total over 2,5 – 1.75 - $100.
This means that both teams will score 3 or more goals.

You can also bet on one team only or on a player.


Arsenal – Chelsea: Arsenal under 1,5 – 2.25 - $100.
This means that Arsenal will not score more than 1 goal.

Arsenal – Chelsea: Theo Walcott over 0,5 – 2.5 - $100.
This means that Theo Walcott will score at least 1 goal.

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