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Dukla Prague vs SK Slavia Prague — 2012-03-19 16:00 GMT

Stadium: Juliska Stadium
Referee: Vana, Josef
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90' The second-half is over. The match ends 0 - 0.
90' Vitali Trubilo gets his shot on target but fails to score for SK Slavia Prague.
86' Vojtech Engelmann for Dukla Prague has been booked by Josef Vana and receives a first yellow card.
83' The home team replace Ivan Lietava with Josef Marek.
76' Vojtech Engelmann is on as sub for Miroslav Podrazky for Dukla Prague.
74' Jiri Bohm is replacing Stanislav Vlcek for the away team.
72' Ivan Lietava of Dukla Prague gets in a strike, but is off target.
67' In Prague Dukla Prague drive forward through Marek Hanousek. His shot is on target but it's saved.
61' Dukla Prague make their first substitution with Jan Svatonsky replacing Jan Pazler.
61' The away team have replaced Martin Hurka with Jan Blazek. This is the first substitution made today by Martin Poustka.
56' In Prague Petr Maly for Dukla Prague takes a corner from the left-hand flag.
54' Martin Dostal (SK Slavia Prague) has been booked and must now be careful not to get a second yellow card.
52' SK Slavia Prague attack but Martin Dostal's header doesn't find the target.
51' SK Slavia Prague have been awarded a corner by Josef Vana. Milan Nitriansky steps up to take it.
49' Josef Vana has awarded Dukla Prague a corner. Miroslav Podrazky takes the kick from the right .
46' Dukla Prague push forward through Petr Maly, whose finish on goal is saved.
46' The second half has started at Juliska Stadium.
45' The first half has been concluded at Juliska Stadium.
28' Martin Latka is back on his feet again.
34' Stanislav Vlcek for SK Slavia Prague is whistled offside.
28' Dukla Prague drive forward but Ivan Lietava is judged offside.
27' Josef Vana has blown to resume play in Prague.
27' The match at Juliska Stadium has been interrupted briefly for a check on Martin Latka, who is down injured.
26' Ivan Lietava in Dukla Prague is pulled up for offside.
16' Milan Nitriansky (SK Slavia Prague) goes for goal but the shot is blocked by an alert defence.
9' Dukla Prague drive forward and Ivan Lietava gets in a shot. Without netting, however.
8' Dukla Prague are pushing forward but Ivan Lietava's finish is wide of the goal.
7' SK Slavia Prague surge into the attack at Juliska Stadium but Martin Latka’s header is off-target.
The team line-ups for today's match at Juliska Stadium are now available.
1' The match is underway in Prague.
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