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Niigata Albirex vs Nagoya Grampus — 2013-12-07 06:30 GMT

Stadium: Tohoku Denryoku Big Swan Stadium
Referee: Maeda, Takuya
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Current matches

90' Substitution. Niigata Albirex: incoming Jun Uchida, outgoing Yuta Mikado
88' Substitution. Niigata Albirex: incoming Isao Homma, outgoing Sho Naruoka
83' GOAL! Niigata Albirex: Atomu Tanaka
79' Yellow card. Niigata Albirex: Jin Su Kim
78' Yellow card. Nagoya Grampus: Takahiro Masukawa
72' Substitution. Nagoya Grampus: incoming Danilson, outgoing Ryota Isomura
66' Substitution. Niigata Albirex: incoming Musashi Suzuki, outgoing Tatsuya Tanaka
66' Substitution. Nagoya Grampus: incoming Kisho Yano, outgoing Teruki Tanaka
65' GOAL! Niigata Albirex: Kengo Kawamata
60' Substitution. Nagoya Grampus: incoming Ryota Tanabe, outgoing Jungo Fujimoto
35' Yellow card. Niigata Albirex: Sho Naruoka
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