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News&Score is the first Crypto-Betting exchange in the world. We offer the most complete sports statistics from Betradar and provide Odds comparison from the world leading bookmakers. Analyze statistics and bet on your favorite team in Bitcoin. News&Score take only 1,9% house edge from you winnings and take nothing from your lost funds. The winnings odds are calculated automatically based on known betting exchange rules.

1 Choose the result you want to bet on

2 Send Bitcoin to the adress that corresponds to the chosen result

! We stop accepting bets 15 minutes before start of the event.
! All bets send after the betting acceptance period will be considered as donation and will be used for project development.

3 You bet is accepted instantly. To check the Bitcoin transaction, click on "Verify transaction”

4 Wait for the result of the event.

! Winnings are paid automaticaly to the same adress where the bet came from.

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